Roof Insurance Claims by RRCA

If your residential or business roof has been damaged by a storm, such as hail damage or hurricane damage, it is incredibly important that you get your roof certified and an OFFER / CONTINGENCY CONTRACT underway so that you know exactly where you stand when dealing with your insurance claim.  In Florida please see HB305 and SB76 for recent changes to the law.  Don’t wait another day! Schedule your FREE ROOF CERTIFICATION today where an RRCA Roofing Professional will come out to certify your roof system & make you an DETAILED OFFER OF CONSTRUCTION SERVICES that you can then use if you decide to submit a claim to your insurance company.

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Why Should Understand the Process for Insurance Claims?

Immediately after a natural disaster or major storm, you should be assessing the condition of your roof right away (after you make sure everyone is safe and the property is safe to enter, of course!). If you notice any signs of visible damage, water leaks, or other problems with your roof, be sure to call RRCA (Roofing & Reconstruction Contractors Of America) to provide a FREE ROOF CERTIFICATION.

Even if your roof looks perfectly fine from the outside and there are seemingly no roof leaks, it is still important to get your roof certified as soon as possible if you have experienced a major weather event. This certification will allow you to know exactly where you stand in the insurance process prove that you have done your due diligence in protecting your property.  If you do need to file a claim you will have everything you need to work it out with your insurance company.

Insurance Claims For Hail & Wind

Florida residents please see HB305 and SB76 for new changes to law around insurance claims.  Your insurance company will appreciate your due diligence in protecting your property and helping them expedite the process in the event you need to make an insurance claim on your home.

  • Hail and wind can damage your roof.
  • This damage is usually not visible from the ground

  • It is important to have your roof certified and an OFFER / CONTINGENCY CONTRACT  for CONSTRUCTION SERVICES completed to expedite any dealings you have with your insurance company.

  • The contractor you select should be licensed and insured.

  • The contractor should have knowledge in dealing with insurance claim work.

Why Choose RRCA For Your New Roof

Our focus is on providing you with 100% satisfaction throughout your roof restoration process. The experience we provide will be unmatched in terms of customer service, ability to deliver, and quality of workmanship.

Over 10,000+ New Roofs

RRCA has helped over 10,000+ Homeowners & Businesses successfully file a roof insurance claim & get a new roof for their damaged property!

Professional Help From Start To Finish

We help our home owners and business owners through the entire process of inspecting the roof, filing an insurance claim, and re-roofing your property!

Over 25+ Years Of Roofing Experience

RRCA is a restoration & reconstruction contractor that specializes in re-roofing with more than two decades’ worth of hard-won industry experience.




What Should I Expect Working With RRCA For My New Roof?

Our focus is on providing you with 100% satisfaction throughout your entire roof insurance claim process. The experience we provide will be unmatched in terms of customer service, ability to deliver, and quality of workmanship!

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Our Detailed Offer / Contingency Contract for Construction Services Help You Expedite Your Process

The insurance claims process is made tremendously easier and faster when we CERTIFY your roof and provide an OFFER / CONTINGENCY CONTRACT for repairs and or replacement and you submit your claim knowing exactly what you need and how much it will cost.  The detailed pictures and video footage of your roof’s damage along with our OFFER make up our FREE ROOF CERTIFICATION.  Our team will use our state-of-the-art Storm Damage Detection software and technology to thoroughly examine every detail of your roof. This allows us to easily detect any and all Wind Damage, Hail Damage, Missing or Cracked Shingles and more with crisp 4k images & videos. This enables us to provide the Offer & Contingency Contract that you can use to expedite your claim should you decide to submit one.

Stay Updated Throughout The Entire Process

Our automated system will update you via email, throughout the course of the job. Your personal Roofing Professional will be on call at all hours to answer any questions you may have about your project. There are a variety of contractors to choose from, and we use their more-than-25-combined-years experience to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Roof Insurance Claims
Emergency Roof Services by RRCA

A Complete 22-Point Roof Certification & Documentation

  • Your RRCA roofing professional will CERTIFY your roof and make you an OFFER for CONSTRUCTION SERVICES that you can use to expedite your claim process.

  • If damage is found, you can use our ROOF CERTIFICATION AND OFFER / CONTINGENCY CONTRACT to submit your claim.

  • Please read the law for details of how to handle your claim, however, our system and process make it quick and easy for you to understand and complete yourself.

  • Your RRCA roofing professional will be at the adjuster’s meeting to make sure all damage found at your FREE Roof Certification is pointed out to the insurance adjuster.
  • When you use our ROOF CERTIFICATION and OFFER / CONTINGENCY CONTRACT to make your claim it dramatically simplifies and expedites the process.

  • Once all of your details are completed to your satisfaction, your RRCA roofing professional will spend as much time as you need discussing your options for replacement products and finishing any paperwork needed to CERTIFY your Roof.

  • Once the contract is signed with product and color choices, we will order product materials as soon as the first check arrives.

  • RRCA will then professionally install your new roof before the 2nd check (the remainder of the insurance claim amount) arrives, which is owed to RRCA to fully pay for the finished roof when it does arrive.
  • When the materials are delivered, one of our professional roofing crews will install your new roof system. Installing your new roof can take ½ a day or up to 2 days, depending on the size of the roof. Your roofing professional will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the whole process.
  • Once the job is done, we will send your insurance company a final invoice stating that all work per the insurance estimate is fully completed.
  • Your insurance company will send you the 2nd check, which is usually the full remainder of the insurance claim amount.
  • You will then pay RRCA the remainder of the balance on the contract and we will then send you your Five-Year Workmanship Warranty.


RRCA replaced the roofs on my apartment complex in Daytona Beach Florida . When a plumbing issue came up from the roof they fixed jt even though it wasn't their responsibility. They were fast , professional, and clean with their work . I would recommend RRCA to everybody .
Lee Haight
Lee Haight
We recently had our roof replaced by RRCA from Naples. Jerry Cicolani patiently worked with us, helping us through the insurance process and promptly responding to all of our questions no matter day or night.He did an amazing job. We’ve got the beautiful roof of our choice, modern vents and new gutters. It was a great experience working with Jerry!
John Rinkenbaugh
John Rinkenbaugh
The project manger Kevin was great, dealt with my insurance co, even when they refused full roof, he put the arguments forward and they said yes, organised everything, the roof replaced it looks great thank you Kevin
Sahunta S Sahunta
Sahunta S Sahunta
Ray Z was absolutely a pleasure to work with. Our work was done professionally and in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends
bruce maison
bruce maison
I had Ray Zavala as a residential roof contractor his promptness and professionalism was great he made this alot more understandable in which I am not . The job was done in a timely manner and I was very happy with the clean up as well thank you
Susan Law
Susan Law
RRCA took care of the roof damage caused by the Hurricane in Pensacola last year. I called multiple other roofers and they were the only ones which were responsive and returned calls and were professional. They were able to start in a couple of weeks versus months like some others quoted.After install, they worked with me and the insurance company to have the claim resolved as the repairs were more extensive than the insurance company initially thought and authorized. Joseph Lane, with the corporate office, took the time to call me almost every week to let me know on the status of the claim with the insurance company. Communication was key to finally resolving the case and he was the conduit for this communication. Over-all, a great experience.
William Stephens
William Stephens
I cannot say enough about RRCA and our project lead Shawn Stafford. From start to finish the communication was excellent and they delivered everything as promised. I was especially impressed with how quickly they removed my old roof and how clean they kept the worksite which was my home. They covered and put tarps on everything to ensure that nothing was damaged and left the home each day the way they found it. The install was equally as smooth and FAST! I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone based on my experience. Would give them 10 stars if I could!
Kimberly Anderson
Kimberly Anderson
All the people I worked with in the office were very prompt and professional,particularly Nicole Menezes! She was incredibly polite and exceptionally efficient. She was able to resolve a lien issue for me in a very timely fashion.
I am very glad I chose RRCA-Naples to do my roof replacement. Harrison was a pleasure to deal with, from the estimate to the finished product. He was very easy to work with, quite professional, and always responsive to any concerns. This company, and their staff, are first-rate.
Doug Sexton
Doug Sexton