Solar Systems With RRCA

Our mission is to provide the highest quality cost effective solar energy power products and services to consumers who are interested in increasing their property value while reducing energy dependence and carbon footprint. Our values extend way beyond: Ethics and Integrity for accountability, honesty and transparency in every aspect of our business.


Property Value

Solar panels are considered as upgrades, like a renovated kitchen, investing a solar system will increase your home’s value, averaging 25-35%. Studies show home buyers pay a premium for a home with solar. Although market factors like electricity rates and system size may impact the size of the premium, solar homes will sell for more than homes without.

Cost Savings

Energy created from utilizing the power of the sun is more efficient than energy from power lines. Solar power is the cheapest form of energy in history! With new legislation advocating for greener energy, additional funding is provided for renewable sources, that means more money in your pocket.

Do it for your Family

Inflation plays a part in the cost of powering your home. So does the supply chain that transports fossil fuels to your utility company. Switching to renewable solar energy will not only help your family gain their energy independence. But leave a safer, cleaner environment for our future generations to look forward to.


Clean Energy for a Pure World.

Switching to solar will lower or eliminate your electric bill, but that’s not the only benefit you’ll experience. Below are some of the main reasons to make the switch.

Markets we service:

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California Nevada Arizona
Utah Colorado New Mexico
Missouri Illinois Mississippi
Georgia North Carolina South Carolina
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