The Light

The solar industry can seem new and exciting to those currently considering a new way to gain independence from their utility providers and gain an environmentally friendly power plant for their homes. When it comes to technology there is no question, it works. From the millions of homes in California, to the acres of solar farms and even the space stations we send out on rockets it has been proven time and again that there are little to no technological issues. The average homeowner savings over 30 years ranges from $90,000 to $200,000!

But if that’s the case, why do most people have it on their homes and why do you feel like something just doesn’t add up? 

The Dark Side

Have you ever met someone who has done the following:

  • Had something great to say but no way to back it up?
  • Is quick to agree with you? Even before you completed your thoughts.
  • And just a little too excited to discuss this life changing opportunity?

If you’ve noticed some of the points above when talking to someone then either you’ve been speaking to a scammer or someone with very limited knowledge on what they have to offer. That or you were talking to someone selling time-share.

These are just some of the things to look for when speaking to someone who is trying to pull a fast one on you. This sort of thing applies to every single industry with NO exception. Even doctors and accountants have been known to have a bad apple in their midst from time to time.

Although the solar industry, from purchasing panels to getting them hooked up, completely makes sense, there has been little governmental oversight. This is where the industry can get its bad name. Without any real repercussions, especially for the sales reps who are typically responsible for the misdirection, it can be hard to tell what you’re actually going to get. A sales rep who gets fired for giving the company a bad name can go find another job at a different company selling solar within the week. That’s pretty scary. Although this is usually the case in blue collar work environments, the solar industry has the hardest hill to overcome being that you technically don’t need solar to survive. Whereas roofing and AC companies just need to convince you why you should go with their specific organization, solar needs to convince you why their very existence is relevant!

This fact usually leads to 2 outcomes we’ve seen happen with solar companies to get the deal:

Better training and service from in-home consultations to follow up procedures and system guarantees!


Lie, get the deal, dissolve the company, repeat…


Is solar a scam?

Solar is a fantastic product mixed with a great system for many states which currently support the initiative. However, a lot of bad apples mixed with very little industry oversight can mean you may be speaking to a scammer if you’re not careful.

How do I know if my consultant is telling the truth?

Make sure to do some research, watch some videos on YouTube to see how it works. Get a couple quotes to see if they’re saying the same things. It’ll ensure you’re going in to do business and not just be sold.

Does it make sense to go solar?

YES. As long as the company has a good history, great reviews/customer service and plans to stay in the industry for the long-run.

When should I go solar?

Immediately. Currently the tax credits are as high as they’ll ever be, with plans to decrease each year as more people are choosing to go solar. The prices are also being driven higher as a result and utility companies constantly try to end the benefits in their areas since each person that goes solar eats away at their profits. Whenever those laws pass, anyone who had gone solar before is grandfathered into all the benefits of a home with solar and ends up being the cool kid on the block.

If you enjoyed the information above and would like to be linked with a professional solar consultant for a complimentary evaluation then click the link here.

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